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Dating After Divorce

With the stress of sorting out your divorce and dealing with its aftermath, the thoughts of re-entering the dating scene may be the last thing on your mind. The subject has been researched, and experts ranked divorce as the second most stressful event in a person's life. The only thing more disheartening is the death of a child or spouse, while the third place was given to health crises and imprisonment. When your marriage comes to an end, you may feel like all your beliefs about love are a lie. But you still deserve happiness, and you still have a chance to find a new person who will value and cherish you.


Healing takes time, and every divorcee has their own timeline for when they're ready to put themselves out there again. Mourn the failed relationship for as long as you need to, but also remember to do some self-reflection. Divorce is a life experience from which you need to learn so that you don't repeat the same mistakes with your new partner. As the saying goes, you must spoil before you spin – experts claim that the subsequent relationships of divorcees tend to be more high-quality, fulfilling and satisfying. Don't be ashamed of your divorce – instead, view it as an experience that has helped you understand what you really want to see in your spouse.


Why Date Online As A Divorcee?


If you have experienced the happiness of married life with the man or mail order bride you loved – but then lost it all to divorce, it's essential to take your time and mourn the failed relationship. People move on from divorce in different ways: some focus on advancing their careers or give all their attention to their children. Some start looking for a love interest as soon as their divorce papers are signed. One way or another, time will heal your emotional wounds and your broken heart sooner or later, and you will find yourself willing to take a careful peek at the dating scene again. Whether you're looking for a committed relationship with a new serious partner or just a few casual dates to help you overcome the hurt of divorce, it might be a good idea to start your journey at an online destination.


Dating websites and mobile apps allow you to meet like-minded single men and women who have the same long-term goals as you. Moreover, the present-day online dating industry has a variety of websites designed specifically for singles who loved and lost. Whether you're divorced or widowed, you'll find these niche portals perfectly suited to your needs and wants. In the selection below, we highlight seven dating platforms suitable for or catering to divorced people. All sites on our list are free to join, convenient to use, and can boast of impressive matchmaking success rates.


Top 7 Best Dating Sites For Divorced Singles




This portal provides a wonderful mix of the most valuable features of renowned divorced dating sites. Staying true to its name, it offers a quality dating pool of educated, successful people, many of whom are dating after divorce. The site gets over 2 million visitors every month, and four out of five members are holders of a university degree, ranging from a bachelor's to a doctorate. Although EliteSingles has paid features, you can create a dating profile completely for free, getting the options to search through the site's user base and flirt with the singles you like. The success rate of romantic matches created on EliteSingles is incredibly high – over 2500 relationships are forged every month. If you’re over your divorce and want to share your life with a highly educated person, then EliteSingles is the dating site for you.




While this portal is not categorized as a divorce dating site as such, its renown, popularity, and immense user base make it an excellent option for anyone who's searching for their true love. There has never been a larger platform in the history of the online dating industry – nearly 40 million people visit the site every 30 days. The reputation of Match is practically impeccable, which has earned it the trust and respect of singles who’ve been through a divorce. No matter at what point you are in your life, this dating website will help you find a man or woman who can relate to your position. It’ll cost you naught to register an account, shape up your dating profile and start looking through other members' profiles. Besides, if you decide to go for the paid options, you can approach it in a very granular manner and purchase only the services that meet your needs and wants rather than a pricey all-inclusive package.




When relationship experts give online dating advice to divorced singles, they often suggest eHarmony as a way to gently introduce yourself to the world of dating after divorce. Getting over 4 million visitors every 30 days, this site boasts not only of a sizeable quality pool of singles. Its matchmaking algorithms are designed to make the entire online dating process easy and convenient for the users. When registering a profile, you set up a range of preferences, describing what you want your future partner to be like. Based on these criteria, eHarmony regularly picks out a selection of matches and sends them to you for consideration. Having to browse hundreds and thousands of random profiles may not be what you want as a divorced single, and eHarmony employs intelligent matchmaking algorithms that do all the work for you. Another reason why this site is an excellent way to get familiar with the online dating world is that your free membership gives you access to all the essential tools and never expires.




The motto of JustDivorcedSingles is “dating just for you”. Established in 2010, the site is focused on helping every divorced single feel the romance again and form a new relationship after divorce. You don't need to make any payments to register an account, create a dating profile and browse the personal pages of other lonely hearts. Worth noting, all user profiles on JustDivorcedSingles are manually checked by the site's team to ensure the safety and security of every member and minimize the chances to encounter a catfisher, scam artist and other ill-minded individuals. JustDivorcedSingles has desktop and mobile site versions with excellent optimization for all platforms. It's one of the few marvelous dedicated dating sites for divorced people, meaning your potential partners are already aware you've had a relationship that failed – you won't have to do lots of awkward explaining. 




As one of the best dating sites for divorcees, DivorcedAndSingle has won over its audience due to its convenience and budget-friendliness. A range of essential features is given to you before you make a payment. You can set up your own dating profile and use the search and Encounter options. Moreover, every free member can create a list of Favorite users and send his or her introduction to other members. The website's interface is intuitive and convenient, allowing you to proceed to chat with like-minded people and date prospects mere minutes after your profile is set up. DivorcedAndSingle is a great online destination for post-divorce dating. It's perfectly suited for anyone who's freshly single and eager to plunge into fun casual dating or forge a new relationship.




The target audience of this dating website consists of divorced and widowed singles looking for love and companionship. It is a trusted online portal – according to OneSinglePerson's statistical data, nine out of ten divorcees in the United States resort to this site for finding love after divorce. The portal's impeccable reputation and impressive matchmaking success rate attract up to 50,000 new members daily. Upon registration, you are instantly given access to a variety of features that are crucial to finding a suitable match. The member base of OneSinglePerson exceeds one million single people looking for love after divorce. You can join their ranks and find your true soulmate completely for free.




This dating portal is one of the best online destinations for creating new relationships after divorce. It caters exclusively to divorced people who are searching for a new committed partner with serious intentions. Joining the website is completely free; so are the options to create an account with your bio, personal information, and a photo gallery. You don't need to purchase a premium status to search for matches among the users of DivorcedFreeAndSingle and communicate with those you deem suitable. Moreover, the website boasts of a helpful support team that is online around the clock and always ready to help you out on your journey to finding your true soulmate. One of the key mottos of DivorcedFreeAndSingle is “give love another chance”. If you're ready to do that, this online destination is an excellent choice for easing yourself into the world of dating.


When And How To Start Dating After Divorce?


The moment you realize your marriage is over and there's no coming back is not when to start dating after divorce. No matter how tough you feel, you must be kind to yourself and take the time and space needed for the emotional scars to heal. This is not only about you – your new partner will be affected negatively if you start a relationship while still disheartened about the failure of your previous one. If your thoughts still go to your ex-husband or wife every so often, you're most likely not ready to date again. Instead of rushing it, take your time to carefully process your feelings about the divorce until you feel free from the burden of emotions. Instead of harboring resentment, let go of it and forgive yourself and your ex for the mistakes and wrongdoings that led to the divorce. Be patient and bring yourself to a healthy emotional place one step at a time.


According to relationship experts, every person mourns their marriage in a different way, which is why there's no defined time frame for re-entering the dating scene after divorce. However, one of the main dating after divorce tips is to spend at least 10-12 months on healing and soul-searching before starting a new relationship. When you separate from the partner you used to love – or still love – it drains you emotionally. Positive attention from other singles may seem like a godly cure for your wounds, but in fact, it distracts you from the healing work you have to do. Although your divorce is a negative experience, you need to take it as a learning experience and grow from it as a person. It is the only healthy way to move forward and ensure your future relationships will not be clouded with the shadows of your divorce.


Avoid Misleading People About Your Past (And Present)


Whether you're chatting with someone online or having a conversation in person, you should be as honest as possible about yourself and your past, including the divorce. State your interests and goals openly, and never try to hide the fact that you have children (if you do). Include these crucial details in the first lines of your dating profile. If you're looking to build a serious relationship, deception is a very shabby foundation for it. Sooner or later, the truth will be known, and your partner might end things with you based on your deception. 


It's essential to be honest and open to avoid hurting each other's feelings and wasting each other's time. What's even more important in divorce dating, you want to find a partner who loves you for who you are and is ready to accept your baggage and tolerate your flaws. In this regard, before re-entering the dating scene after divorce, you should take your time to determine what kind of partner you're searching for and what your most cherished values and definite dealbreakers are.


Inform Yourself About The Advantages And Dangers Of Online Dating


Even if you wouldn't call yourself a big fan of dating online, websites and apps are one of the best answers to the question “how to date after divorce”. A plethora of portals cater specifically to divorced singles. But before you go online to try your luck in pursuit of romance, you need to sit down and dedicate a couple of hours to doing your research. You should look through the available reviews of various dating after divorce platforms and determine which ones can offer the desired experience. 


Do you just want passionate flings and hookups? Are you pursuing casual dates with no commitment? Are you looking to build a serious relationship with the prospect of marriage? For any of these goals, there are dedicated dating websites where you can meet people interested in the same thing. At the same time, you'll have poor luck searching for a commitment on a hookup app or asking for NSA encounters on a site for serious daters. Our selection of the best dating sites for divorcees is a good starting point for your research. Regardless of your dating after divorce goals, you also need to familiarize yourself with the most common fraud and scam schemes used by ill-minded individuals that target divorced daters.


Concluding Words 


As a divorced single, it's normal to feel somewhat overwhelmed and intimidated at the prospect of joining the dating scene once again. The more so if it's been a while since the last time you went on a date with a new person. Designed to make this experience enjoyable, dedicated dating portals are where divorced people meet and forge new relationships in a comfortable online environment. 


Going through a divorce is extremely stressful and handling the aftermath can cause you many a hardship. But time heals everything, and once you're ready to dive headfirst -- or carefully step down -- into the dating pool again, divorce dating apps and sites will give you every opportunity to find love and happiness again.